July 3rd and 4th were some of the most interesting in my film career to date.

Where You Reside - Rare Facture

Friday was spent doing about seven hours of running. Running in a culdesac, running through the woods, running behind a truck, running regular speed, running slow motion, running with the camera behind me, running with a camera in front of me, running with a camera beside me, running with a drone.

Saturday involved more running. Plus beating the ground with log. Saving a boy. Plus blood. Blood everywhere.

Although it starts out looking like your typical girl-next-door ingenue—it ends up very different. By the time I got home—even after a shower on set—my hair was caked in fake blood and my body was covered with cuts and bruises. I was sore for days. It was brutal! Welcome to the world of 80s-style horror!

It was incredibly fun to film something so out of the norm for me. Many thanks to the band Rare Facture for trusting me to represent their cool, original music!

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