My name is Monica and I'm horrid at texting. Justin learned this before we ever met in person. From our January 22, 2017, match on Tinder to our meeting/first date at BYU's Museum of Art on February 3rd, he just patiently, kindly dealt with my busy life and crazy schedule. The timeline of our real introduction is diagrammed in this week's vlog.

I'm much better at texting him now, honest.

Justin is just as busy and ambitious as I am, but we communicate all day long as schedules permit. I'll forever be grateful that rather then be bothered that I'm going in 400 directions at once (i.e. “Apparently, you don't have time for a relationship”β€”per almost every other guy I ever dated), he was always been interested in what I'm doing, proud of my accomplishments, and incredibly supportive and loving. Just another reason I fell so hard for him. πŸ’–