BYU New Student OrientationToday I attended New Student Orientation, getting ready for my first term at college! Unfortunately I have to miss some of the events due to…you guessed it…rehearsal. (Such is the life of a performer!) But I was able to gather some information, navigate around campus, and, yes, take a picture with a cougar.

Following my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather, my parents, and my three older sisters, I'll be attending Brigham Young University. (My maternal grandfather was a math professor there for…well, forever…and in 2005 was given the Honorary Alumni Award. So officially he's a cougar, too!) 

Classes start Monday. With morning classes, evening rehearsals, auditions, and some afternoon filming I won't be busy at all!

I'm excited to move to the next level and have college-level adventures! My goal is to major in Music Dance Theater (are you surprised?). Wish me luck!

Brigham Young University