Harley Quinn - Bad Blood

Between my first term in college, filming for the LDS church, and rehearsing for Sundance, I'm crazy busy. Today I rehearsed for Wizard from 8:00–4:00 and then drove to the middle of nowhere to catch the tail end of filming the new Idos Media music video.

Say hello to Harley Quinn!

Bad Blood (Heroes vs Villains) BTS

BIG week!!! Our Disney video have hit over 2 MILLION views in just 7 weeks. We'll be filming our next viral video this weekend. Now who's excited?? #HeroesVsVillains #BadBlood #TaylorSwift #IdosMedia #RjStudios #BandAidsDontFixBulletHoles #YouTube #MarvelMeetsDisney #MarvelMeetsMinions #MarvelMeetsDC

Posted by Rj Idos on Tuesday, July 7, 2015