We had a very long film day today, but it was more fun than ever because Dad and my two little brothers, Samson and Caleb, were extras. Mom came to the set for moral support, too. Don't they look groovy in 70's garb?

Saturday's Warrior Family Day

Being an extra is very hard work for teenage boys. It requires lots of sitting around and eating junk food from the crafty table. You can see the struggle.

Saturday's Warrior Extras

Just before the scene with my family, this happened. I'm still not sure why. But look at the hair! That alone was worth the effort. Some day I'm going to create a frame by frame breakdown of this video, highlighting all the most important moments.

Kenny Holland (who plays my brother, Jimmy Flinders) thought this was Vine-worthy and put it up old-style. Apparently he was right, because it exploded online. If you don't mind a little bad language, the comments are hilarious, with people insisting it couldn't have been made in the 70s because Silentó wasn't alive then. Hello, people?

Then the Flinders 9 sang at the county fair while my family cheered from the hay bales.

Saturdays Warrior Flinders County Fair

It was a great day on the set. Wish my family could always be there.