In early July I was cast to portray the runaway girlfriend for a music video for the incredible Gardiner Sisters. It's a fabulous, original tune called Running. I was so excited, but then I was asked to find a 3-hour “boyfriend” to play my love interest. Finding boyfriends is not my forte, but I'm much better at it on screen! As per usual, I posted on Facebook, asking for a super good-looking actor to step in. (Isn't that how everyone finds love?)

Running - Gardiner Sisters

Fortunately, there were a lot of qualified and willing possibilities. Ultimately I teamed up with my former tormentor from Bullying – Stop It, Colby Ross Smith, to create instant music video chemistry. We met up with videographer Nick Sales on July 6th to film

Colby had been back from his mission for about 12 minutes when he messaged me about taking the part. It was a fun assignment to bring him back to the reality of girls! He was a great sport. Today the music video was released and I think the result was charming! Hope you like it!