In case you've ever wondered, there is a good reason that pools don't open until May in Utah. In fact, there are multiple good reasons:

  • Spring weather is volatile
  • It can take days to heat a public-sized pool
  • Hailstorms

Lindon Dive-In Movie Couple

In spite of the freezing water, we had a great shoot and the result is fun. What do you think?

If you want to know the true behind-the-scenes story, the hardest shot was putting on the shoe. I'm known for being quick on shots and getting the takes right. “Monica is a one-shot wonder!” But when it comes to appendages, I struggle! I had two hand shots in Saturday's Warrior—one when Tod leaves to go to earth and the other when giving Peter back his ring. Both took more shots than anything else in those scenes! Putting on the lipstick? Boom. Turning to smile at Wyatt? No problem. Putting on the shoe? Kill me!

Lindon Aquatics Dive-In Movie Closeup

Anyway, thanks to the Lindon Aquatics Center for letting me represent my very own city!