Our music video this month is full of experimentation! First, I recorded the vocals in our home studio. That's something I've only done for informal little bits in the past. It was definitely a learning experience. Second, on Labor Day I headed to Salt Lake with Rachelle Price, her brand new camera, and our skeleton crew to shoot the video. Here it is!

Of course, we have created a behind the scenes and blooper reel for your amusement!

Earlier today, I hosted a Facebook live to announce the release. These are a lot of fun and it's so nice to talk to some of you! (And, yes, I know it started out sideways. I was trying to use a tripod, but the feed wouldn't adjust the angle.)

Thanks to all those who helped me get this ready to publish!

Video Production: Rachelle Price
Mixing & Mastering: Alison Moore Smith @ ProSapien LLC