Monday, August 29th, had me back at BYU full-time after a one-year filming hiatus. Getting back in the academic setting—cracking the textbooks instead of the scripts—is going to be a transition, but I am excited! I'm so incredibly grateful for the talent scholarship I received and have everything prepared for a great semester.

Leslie Odom, Jr. from Hamilton

Some great classes and professors are on my schedule and I look forward to getting to know my fellow MDT majors. Hopefully, I get to keep my foot in the film door as well. (Watch my Facebook page for updates coming soon!)

Two momentous things happened today:

#1 Elected freshman class MDT representative

Thanks to my fellow freshies for trusting me to be a positive voice!

#2 Attended master class with the incomparable Leslie Odom, Jr., of Hamilton fame

Yes, that Leslie Odom, Jr. Be jealous.