Acne sucks. Can you be confident with it? Heck yes. #GirlBoss that acne. But, I’ve already addressed confidence on my Instagram, let’s get down to the actual tips on treating acne itself, not just the insecurity that comes with it. 😉

Remember, everyones skin is different, everyone reacts differently to different products, and your skin might like something in your teens and hate it in your adult years. Celebs get it, moms get it, your neighbor gets it, I get it! Just keep that in mind. Here is what works for ME. Hopefully, you can try some of these out to help YOU. It’s really a big experiment to find what works. Best of luck!

1. DO NOT STRESS. Breathe. Seriously, stress makes it worse. How you feel and eat effects your body. Try yoga, Netflix, meditation, worship, something to get your nerves in check.

2. Drink W-A-T-E-R. You aren't drinking enough. I promise you. 💦 Multiply your weight by 2/3 and the result is how many ounces you should drink. Sweating = more H20. It’s nearly impossible to over do it (but don’t blame me if you do, lol).

3. WITCH HAZEL. 🍸 Sounds like a halloween thing, but it's just the world's cheapest toner. 💸 Expensive rosewater gold toner SHIZ is over-rated. You can find this at any drugstore, Walmart, grocery store, just ask a worker there. I use an alcohol free, Great Value brand. Cheapest, and best investment I’ve made. It’s supposed to restore the PH balance in your skin. How do I know that? A makeup artist on set told me, I don’t know if that’s true, but it does something great!

4. The combo of @curology and @nerdskincare (not sponsored) worked for me, for whatever reason. I tried other acne products, but using both of these was my miracle mix. 🔮 It was strong enough, but not so strong that it irritated my skin like @neutrogena acne spot treatment did. Nothing against Neutrogena, I love many of there products, but that particular one was too strong for me.

5. Pantothenic acid (get it cheapest on Amazon) is a dope vitamin that helped too! You might be lacking in this, so this kept things balanced for me. 🤗 Take a little everyday.

6. Finally, STOP TOUCHING YOUR DANG FACE. Okay, mostly I’m talking to myself, because I'm still in this habit. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Leave it alone, go pick on something your own size.

7. Don’t sleep on your face. I actually trained myself to sleep face up, as to avoid spread my hair oils onto my face while I slept at night. It can be annoying, but if you wanna try something, maybe this’ll help. Also, make sure you aren’t allergic to what your pillowcase is made of.

8. Eat healthy. Yes, they have studies out there that say food doesn’t effect acne, but they also have studies that say food DOES effect acne. In my experience, certain foods make me break out. Either way, your body can only work off what you give it, so give it something good! Vitamins, ladies, fiber, iron, etc.

9. Try giving your face resting periods from makeup if possible. The more stuff you put on your face, the more potential there is for clogged pores. So, try giving it some air.

10. Wash your face. But really, don’t sleep with makeup on. If you think you got all your makeup off, try using a white cotton pad, you might realize you left some behind. I use a clarasonic, I thought it was gimmicky, but it really does a great job of removing the makeup while gently exfoliating. It might be worth the investment for you.

11. Chill out. You’ve got this.

If you have any questions, or wanna share you story, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.

Have you ever had acne? Do you struggle with it currently? What have you tried that works??? Let's get some acne talk going on!

Best of luck, babes! Remember, it's a journey, don't sweat it. <3