True Ozians know that the Wizard of Oz movie originally contained a villain—the Jitterbug—that forced Dorothy and her cohorts to dance uncontrollably. “The Jitterbug” song narrates the drama. The cast spent five weeks and $80,000 rehearsing and recording the song. (That is approximately $1.3 million today.)

Wizard of Oz - Sundance Summer Theater

The song was eventually cut from the (already very long) movie and the footage destroyed. (Boo!) There is, however, some grainy rehearsal footage taken by the composer. (The video has the song (which was preserved—Judy Garland rules), but the footage doesn't show up until just after the one minute mark.)

I've just been cast as the Jitterbug—where I get to fly!—as well as an Ozian, a Munchkin, and a Poppy (hello costume changes!) at Sundance Summer Theater. We begin rehearsals Monday. I'm looking forward to working with a fabulous cast at the outdoor theater voted second best in the country. (The first place finisher is Shakespeare in the Park in NYC's Central Park, so we're in very good company!)

We run July 23rd through August 15th. Please get your tickets soon. I'd love to see you there!