On August 1st—right after completing a voice over gig at LDS Motion Picture Studios and right before getting my new headshots from Whitney Lewis—I raced over two Broadway Media to be interviewed for The Cultural Hall podcast. There I met the talented Richie Steadman (who, much to my surprise, was the groovy race walker in the Saturday's Warrior park scene) who interviewed me for an hour.

The Cultural Hall Podcast - Monica Moore Smith

I had a great time talking about film, career, goals, homeschooling, religion, and even dating. In fact, Richie knew more about my past dating life than anyone but my own family and surprised me by revealing a few details that I had never made public. He said he just looked it up on the internet, but I still haven't seen his source.

The interview was published today. If you want the inside story, you'll have to listen for yourself!

Monica Moore Smith Ep 242 The Cultural Hall