It's funny how one thing leads to another in the entertainment industry. You meet one great person and they introduce you to another great person and so on and so on. The connections to amazing people are one of the best parts of performing.

Mormon Famous - Monica Moore SmithLast year I attended Especially for Youth at BYU. After an audition I was selected to sing in the talent show and got a little more notoriety (labeled “Mormon Famous” by my peers, haha) for appearing on the back cover of the booklet. In that session I met a counselor named Benjamin Cheng.

Flash forward many months and I got a Facebook message from the counselor—who happens to work with YouTuber extraordinaire Stuart Edge—asking if I wanted to help out on the next video. I accepted and at that shoot I meet Rj Idos and a bunch of the people who made the crazy hit Dark Lord Funk which mixed Harry Potter with Uptown Funk. A few weeks later, Rj asked if I want to be in a video for his new channel. Fortunately I was able to work out my crazy scheduling and be part of it.

We rehearsed a couple of times and today we filmed Shake It Off Disney Style.

Shake It Off Disney Style

I was a Neverland mermaid (you know, Peter Pan). Trying to get around in the fish suit was a challenge, but it was a great day with more fun people—and even friends who carried me (or wheeled me on a dolly!) from place to place. 



Can't wait to see the video when it's finished! I'll post it then. Here's wishing Rj Idos a crazy success story!