Early this morning, the TV show Right This Minute featured Justin's proposal! Not to worry, we understand each other perfectly, even when we are sobbing! Do you think it's true that we “look like the couple you see in the picture frames that you buy at Walgreen's and stuff”? Love these hosts!

While it's completely true that I did not want to be caught in a yoga-pants-proposal moment, I didn't ever give Justin a list of engagement requirements. I had spoken to my mom about what I really hoped for and Justin—on his own volition—asked her what she thought I would like. My mom told Justin what we had talked about. I had no idea he would really try to fulfill that difficult wish list, but he did!

That this was published on my parent's 32nd wedding anniversary is a pretty fun fact. Here's to eternal love, folks!

Picture Perfect Marriage Proposal Was A Complete Surprise