High School GraduationDirector: Where do you attend school?

Me: Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts.

Casting director: Uh…what? You're in high school?

Me: Well…ah…I'm a senior…

Directors are known to prefer older people—who can pass for younger—to play teenagers. Overall, I suppose, they are more mature, reliable, and professional.

If you haven't worked with someone before you can't really prove to them that you work like a pro, so you just have to grab every chance you get and let them see what you can do. 

As of May 28th, I can finally say I'm a high school graduate. Hooray! A little bit of life credibility.

High School Graduation Party

We had a nice ceremony—at which I got to sing—and then a party with my family afterward. Everyone was there to help me celebrate. Love my family!

I was invited to sing at the Pioneer High School graduation as well. I will miss the best teachers in the world and the wonderful friends I made. Best three years so far!

Pioneer High School Graduation

Onward and upward. College, here I come!