• November 6, 2016

    On December 2nd and 3rd, I'll be joining musical talents Madilyn Paige, Calee Reed, Garth Smith, and Wayne Burton (writer of my first original single, Whisper) in an epic musical Christmas celebration. Please join us in either Idaho Falls, Idaho, or American Fork, Utah! Tickets can be purchased at Wayne Burton Music. So honored

  • October 23, 2016

    My sister, Alana Jeffery, and I sang the vocals on Dismal Princess. This piece was arranged by Cody Crabb and recorded for the YouTube channel Pins and Things. They created a zombie/Disney princess mashup for your Halloween pleasureā€”or displeasure. If you'd like to download the music, you can find it on CDBaby. Here is

  • October 18, 2016

    Spencer Scanlon, my friend and videographer of my If I Ain't Got You music video, has a new web series out. I got to make a cameo appearance in episode two. I'll take any chance I can get to throw on the tap shoes and dance a little! The team posted a little teaser

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