If you follow me on SnapChat (smithwithbangs), you may have heard that I'm often mocked by my fellow actors because of how few films I've seen. Due to the unrelenting ridicule, I've made it a quest to broaden my movie horizons by watching classic, well-known, award-winning, and otherwise noteworthy films.

Sometimes that presents a challenge because I've made it a personal goal not to watch sexual scenes, unnecessary violence, etc. In order to stick to that goal, I watch a lot of movies using VidAngel. It's great because I can filter out whatever I choose and because the movies are very inexpensive! Only $1 for regular and $2 for HD with their buy-back program. Check it out if you like!

Here I will keep a running list of those I've been able to see so far!

To Watch

Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Princess Bride